Cash For Cars Ramona

We buy cars for cash throughout Ramona
We buy old cars, junk cars, nice cars, and even damaged cars.

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We Buy Any Car!

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Cash For Cars Ramona

We buy cars for cash throughout Ramona
We buy old cars, junk cars, nice cars, and even damaged cars.


They Basically Pay To Take Your Car Away.

Everyday there are vehicles that are left sitting in driveways or along the sides of the road because they are no longer worth the hassle it would take to fix them. These cars are broken, old, or just not used by their owners anymore. Instead of just letting them sit collecting dust and wasting space, they can be removed from their location and sold without any hassle. Cash for Cars Ramona is a used automotive buyer located in Ramona, California.

They offer competitive prices for unwanted vehicles and they don't try to nickle and dime their customers. It doesn't matter how new or old the vehicle is they are more than willing to take it off a person's hands. Does the car not start or can't be driven?

No problem. Vehicles that can't start or are unsafe to drive will be towed with no expense to the owners. They have years of experience and are very friendly and knowledgeable from the moment that they are first contacted and throughout the whole selling process.

Their customer service standards are set high and they will do anything they can to make selling an unwanted vehicle as quick and painless as possible. They have already completed hundreds of sales and know how to handle numerous situations and answer any questions a client may have. Why leave a car idle, being completely useless, when it could be sold for a nice amount of money and taken away for free?

(760) 266-8101


We pay cash for any car in Ramona, CA. We buy salvage cars, clunkers, and even non-running vehicles. We'll even provide free towing to pickup the vehicle. Call us if you need to junk a car.


They are dedicated to making the process of selling a used car, truck or van quick and easy for those who are using their service.

What We Know

They know that most customers want nothing more than to get rid of their old, broken, or unwanted cars and do their
best to complete the process without causing the vehicle owners any additional stress.


The whole operation can be done in only a short amount of time.

It is very rare that the completion of the sale would take more than one day. All a customer has to do is call or send an email. Shortly after contacting a representative and supplying a bit of information about the location and brand of the car, a representative will arrive to continue the process. We typically can purchase a car within 1 hour of the time that you call!


There is no need for the client to travel anywhere, they will come to the location provided.

Customers can even set a general time for an employee to arrive if they know that they might not be home. Once an employee arrives there is a short amount of paperwork before they can take the car.


Proof of ownership is required.

After the sale is made the unwanted car will be picked up and taken back to the company's location. As previously mentioned, if the car will not start, or is unsafe to drive because of missing parts or other circumstances, we will tow it away for free.


A free tow will be provided without any inconvenience to the owner of the car.

All automotive vehicles are paid for with cash the same day they are removed from the owner's property.

They don't make anyone using their services wait, or change their daily schedules. They work with their customers to find the best time to come by and take their unwanted vehicle off their hands. Their simple buying process is usually done in just one day.

  • • They don't deny their assistance if a car is a specific model, age, or even broken. Every car is eligible to be sold.
  • • They even offer top dollar for cars that they buy, even broken cars that are basically scrap have the potential to still be a decent amount of money. Other companies will try to pay the lowest price for used cars. Most other used car buyers also require the owner to bring their vehicle in, which can be a big problem if their car can't legally be driven and needs to be towed.
  • • There is almost no chance that the cost of towing will be covered. Cash for Cars Ramona is committed to their customer’s peace of mind. They will never try to make anything more complicated than it has to be.
  • • Their clients don't even have to bring the car in, they just have to sit back and relax while everything is taken care of for them. We provide free junk car removal in Ramona. Plus, their paperwork is simple and straight-forward and their employees are well trained and helpful.
  • • They understand that happy clients mean better reviews and more business so they go out of their way for their clients. There is no reason to wade through what could be a complex used car sale if there is a much better option right around the corner.

People often call and ask if we purchase cars from San Diego, CA. No, we do not buy cars in San Diego if you're selling a car you migh want to try this company called Cash For Cars. People all around San Diego seem to like them so our company thinks this is your best choice.

(760) 266-8101

“ Compared to other used car buying services Cash for Cars Ramona is much more efficient and friendly towards their clients. ”